Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thursday Challenge: Beverage

Diet Coke is my daughter's favorite drink. I personally prefer Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, the real kind, with sugar, you know "that which is bad for the teeth and the waist". That is why I try to stick with tea, water and coffee. This does look refreshing though, especially when it was so hot today. It has been cold this winter, it has stayed cold and very cool all spring and even up to last Saturday. Then from a high in the low 60's on Saturday it skyrockets to a high of 92 yesterday and today. Go figure. All this blogging about heat and Coke is making me thirsty. I think I will retire and quench my thirst with this glass of refreshment before Nyssa sees it.

P.S. I see we have the first Atlantic tropical depression down off the coast of Central America and that the current projected path would put it traversing up the Alabama-Mississippi border. Watch out Columbus!
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