Monday, June 06, 2005

Realizing A Dream!

This is the newest transfer student set to enter The College of William & Mary for the fall of 2005. Yes, the news came late today with a personal phone call from the transfer admissions director. This has been the dream, now realized. The agony of being waitlisted as a freshman while still an out-of-state resident, having to cope with going to a geographically remote university having difficult academics but with a "party all the time" student body, having to work part-time while trying to maintain a 3.5 weighted GPA and then being waitlisted for a second time is now over. She did it by her own determination, grit and hard work and I am a proud mama. This year as a transfer applicant, she was granted admission to five of the seven schools she applied to. While I know she could have been happy at Mary Washington, this is her dream. So, Nyssa, I love you and YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

PS: Twenty minutes after getting this news, she received a phone call letting her know she has a summer job, at Forbe's Candy Company, at the beach!!!!!!! Icing on the cake!
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