Friday, June 03, 2005

Triceratops: We Only Thought It Was Extinct

A rare hood ornament encountered May 10, 2005.

Triceratops horridus, an extinct dinosaur adorns the hood of this bright blue full-sized pickup truck on the campus of a remote but highly respected university. After I took the picture and laughed myself into a stupor, I decided to do a little research.
  1. The name means "horrible three horned face". Yes the horns were there and the "dinahood" ornament is grotesque. (dinahood - new word especially for this picture)
  2. When threatened by predators the triceratops would charge their quarry head-on. This bright blue pickup had been in battle with scratches, faded paint splotches and small but noticeable dents, while the bumpers, lights and windshield were intact. The head-on approach was obviously effective.
  3. The intelligence of the triceratops was considered average or mid-range for dinosaurs. The intelligence of the owner and driver of this truck is questionable.
  4. Triceratops reproduced by laying eggs. I don't want this truck to reproduce and I'm not sure if anyone attached to it should either.
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