Sunday, June 05, 2005

Just Older Youth Have Spontaneous Fun

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Last Saturday, a group of close friends gathered for an impromptu backyard picnic. Of course the backyard was on the bank of Hampton Roads, where three rivers come together on their way to the Chesapeake Bay. It was cloudy, but no rain and the temperature was in the upper 60's to low 70's with a breeze off the water. The garden was lush and intricate with benches placed strategically for sitting. A hammock stretched between two trees overlooking the water. The ducks and geese were plentiful and the pelicans put on a comedy routine diving and splashing headlong into the water looking for fish.

My daughter and I were the youngest of the group who ranged from 68 - 80 something in age. Many went on a leisurely ride on the big pontoon boat with padded sofa like seating. It was a lazy day, to eat, fellowship, catch up on people, places and happenings....just relax.

Who would have expected the jet ski experience! From my daughter, yes! But from the octogenarians? No Way! Those who tottered along on level ground at a slow and unsteady gait suddenly decided (after several choruses of "No, I don't think I better.") to ride. Most of them rode in tandem behind the owner but a few brave souls including this gentleman broke out and took a chance. Maybe they saw how much fun Nyssa, who went first, had or maybe the little kid in them finally won out over the mature adult.

This little man was a character. He had never driven a jet ski but he donned his life jacket and water shoes and hopped on. He took off with a trail of spray and literally raced up and down the waterway, telling us later he hit 65 mph. The other jet ski was also occupied and he raced behind them hitting their wake and laughed about the spray in his face. I wasn't sure they would ever get him off. His wife sent a message that she might try it too, but it would be over her dead body if she rode with him. It was refreshing to see someone with early Parkinsons not let it get him down. By the end of the day he had laughed, talked and yelled so much he almost lost his voice.

Everyone had a great time, even us youngsters. And as the phone calls of thanks have circulated among the old friends they have all agreed to do it again....maybe next month.

Submission for Moody Monday, "spontaneous".

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