Sunday, February 25, 2007

Alien Ballerina

Folios lichen (Parmotrema sp.) attached to tree limb.
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"If you are not willing to see more than is visible, you won't see anything." ~ Ruth Bernhard
I went exploring along the drainage ditch behind the house. Here trees have fallen to bridge the water and in some places the dense brush makes it almost impassable. I found a broken limb with this attached frilly lichen and thought the colors were wonderful. Both the limb and the camera were sitting on a wooden platform but it looks as if the ballerina lichen is balancing on point and the tree branch isn't visible. I thought it both strangely alien and hauntingly beautiful.

A new photo site started up last week called Shutterday. Posting begins each Saturday and runs through the week. The topic this week is "Put that camera down!"; sounded interesting. The idea is to post a picture taken without the camera being hand held or attached to a tripod. Pictures taken with the camera on a wall, windowsill, the ground or any other object is satisfactory. And so it begins.

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