Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clark Gable Lives

Mr. Rhett shows off with his "bedroom" eyes.
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"With dogs and people, it's love in big splashy colors. When you're involved with a cat, you're dealing in pastels." ~ Louis A. Camuti, D.V.M.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so who better to feature than the Clark Gable of cats, Mr. Rhett. He is the "lover boy" of our group; quiet, composed, attentive, Mr. Rhett would shower his girlfriends with red roses on Valentine's Day, if he were human.

Lounging like a movie star in leather and lamb.

Sometimes he sleeps with his sister, Scarlett and other times he sleeps on his side with front paws pulled up and curled beneath his chin. He snores a bit and dreams; in dreams he twitches his whiskers and paws and occasionally talks in tiny little mews.

Steely stare aside, Mr. Rhett is a softy like his namesake.

While thoughtful and most often respectful, he will unashamedly stare up with wide, pleading eyes until his subjects resistance is all but gone and he is invited onto his favorite place... a lap, preferably a female lap with a fleece robe or throw already present. Here he will make himself comfortable, but always remembering to give attentive sideways glances at appropriate intervals, he will place his head and front paws on the offered arm and gently "kneed" as he purrs to show his contentment. Rhett will stay in this position for hours, all day even, unless forced to move. Women so engaged with him have been known to use this as an excuse to forego housework, cooking and cleaning..... "I can't move right now. Rhett is so comfortable, he just won't get down." How could anyone not love this "Babe Magnet".

"Babe Magnet"
Mr. Rhett is aptly tagged.

Mr. Rhett sends a tuna scented Valentine out to all the cats at Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina. He includes roses for all his human girlfriends, especially Nyssa, Miss M and his grandma. He heard that Miss Boo fainted over his svelte form last week so he wanted to send her a Valentine with kisses attached... and of course, he still pines and sighs over the fluffy and rounded form of Miss Sophie, even if she is snubbing him for those pesky lizards right now. Ah, unrequited love... what did you expect? It's Valentines Day, after all.
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