Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts And Flowers

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"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever." ~ Francois Mauriac
Yesterday the best cooks in the church (the grandmas, and grandpas for that matter) gathered for their monthly lunch and the theme was "Valentine's Day"; as if it would be anything else. It was soup and salad day; my dad made his famous homemade broccoli and cheese soup, while I made my oriental chicken salad. Everyone ate too much. For part of the program, the audience (keep in mind that at 50 something, I was the youngest person there) participated in singing two songs. One was a hymn that everyone knew but the other was an Elvis Presley ballad. I can see those heads shaking out there already. Yes, an Elvis song..I Can't Help Falling In Love With You. The tempo was slow enough but not too many were singing. In the middle of the song, my mom turned to Dad and I and said, "I don't know this song". At this point, Dad leaned over to her and whispered,"I don't know it either, but the words are exactly how I feel about you...we were meant to be." OK, here come the Ahhhhhhhhhhs! Yes, this may be one of the reasons they have been married for almost 56 years.

Another little lady, the speaker told us that she and her husband got married at age nineteen. No one counseled them or gave them personality profiles, they didn't live together first to see if they could manage, they just got married because they loved each other. Years later they took those personality tests and discovered that they were complete opposites and completely incompatible. So, of course they've been married for 60 years and counting! Who knew!?

So, today there are couples from teenagers to senior citizens who will exchange cards, candy, flowers, and probably a few kisses. For some it is a fresh new love and for others an old comfortable love that will be celebrated. And for some the day will be renamed "SAD" (Singles Appreciation Day). I seem to fall into this category. For us there may not be roses or sugary sweet cards, but we still have those who cross our path every day and bring light and joy. To all these people.. these friends from our past, friends from our present and even those here in this mysterious universe we call the Internet whom we have never met in person.... I wish you all a special day of happiness, peace, joy, sunshine and above all else.. LOVE!

....and chocolate, don't forget the chocolate!

And would someone please pass me the chocolate?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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