Friday, February 16, 2007

Captured in Marble

Self-portrait in glass. (Clicking makes it larger)
"We are the painters of own self-portraits. Who we become will be determined by our attitudes, our actions and what we learn." ~ Mary-Ellen Drummond
My daughter, Nyssa loves to hold the digital camera out at arms length and capture her picture. It doesn't seem to matter if she gets only a foot or hand or face or even an open, screaming mouth; she loves to take self-portraits. I on the other hand, avoid being in any picture like the plague. Therefore, it is usually an accident and a shock to see my face reflected in a photo, especially when I wasn't thinking about it. So for PhotoFriday I scoured the most recent files for something. I found a picture of my feet in socks and in tennis shoes, my shadow, and most disturbing was my reflection in a macro shot of our cat's eye. It was really too detailed and scary to post. But here, trying to take a macro of some beautiful glass marbles, I found it... my self-portrait, or at least as much of one as I can reveal at this time.

I hope that my real self-portrait is evident from my inner character; in the way I've tried to raise my daughter, in the principles of honesty and fair play I adhere to and in the deep gratitude I feel for my God and His love. Our character, after all is what will remain in the memory of others when our physical bodies are long gone. Beauty may be only skin deep, but an ugly, wretched character goes straight to the soul. I want to be beautiful on the inside, where it counts.

Submission for PhotoFriday topic "self-portrait." (end of post)

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