Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Brooklyn Bridge. Summer 2006.
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"The bridge was a huge sentence diagram,
You and I the compound subject, moving
Toward the verb. We stopped, breathing
Balloonfuls of air; and noonday sun sent down
A hard spray of light."
~ Alfred Corn, "The Bridge, Palm Sunday, 1973"
Someday I will again walk the Brooklyn Bridge; this time in the Spring when the world is re-awakening and the cherry blossoms are covering the trees in the Botanical Gardens and bulbs are springing forth in the brownstone window boxes. Or perhaps it will be in the Fall, with fog rising from the warm river as it meets the frosty air and the gold and crimson leaves flying across the wooden walkway, high above the pavement. Or perhaps I'll make the trek at sunset with the deepening blue sky as background for the yellow and pink and purple reflections from cream puff clouds overhead. But this day the sun scorched and there was no breeze and the dark shade of twin gothic arches was little comfort from the summer heat. Still I would walk it again, at high noon, in languid heat... simply to see its majesty.

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