Friday, February 09, 2007

Eye Spy!!

Clover: The eyes spy something big ~ suitcases!"
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"Of all domestic animals the cat is the most expressive. His face is capable of showing a wide range of expressions. His tail is a mirror of his mind. His gracefulness is surpassed only by his agility. And, along with all these, he has a sense of humor." ~ Walter Chandoha
This week I pulled a black and white picture from the film archives. The year was 1997 and Clover was still a youngster only four years of age, although her "Bucky-esque" (Get Fuzzy) attitude was fully developed. We were going on vacation for two weeks and I had someone lined up to stay at the house and take care of the cats and dogs. I put this box on top of the dining room table for the massive mail that would accumulate and labeled it (what else?)..... MAIL! Maybe the suitcases were already closed, maybe she was trying to make a statement about our leaving her alone with all these other mongrels, or maybe she just likes to sit in a box on a table and look down at everyone else; but when I walked past, there she was. She didn't flinch, didn't make a sound, didn't move a whisker; I'm not sure she even blinked before we got the camera. Clover must have thought she was completely hidden! I like to think her innate sneaky nature and unquenchable curiosity made her a very good spy. I just wonder who she was working for and if she realized her ears were showing!

I told Clover that she couldn't take the box to Friday's Ark as there is limited space on board and who knows, this week an elephant might show up. She is still trying to worm the box in at the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday. We'll see! The carnival is hosted this week by When Cats Attack! See you there! (end of post)

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