Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Cat Who Loves Music

Mr. aficionado extraordinaire.
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"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." ~ Albert Schewitzer
In the living room, Mom sits down at the piano, adjusts the bench, turns on the light, opens the music and begins to play. In the back bedroom Mr. Rhett is soundly asleep on the light blue chenille robe, snoring gently. Suddenly, he hears the first strains of music; his head pops up, ears in motion back and forth and in less than two seconds he is off the bed and heading toward the door.

Within a minute, Rhett is sitting on the bench beside my mom, watching her fingers move over the keys and listening to the strains of hymns and the classics. Here he will stay until she is finished; sometimes rubbing his head on her arm or tentatively touching her hand or even the piano keys.

Sometimes he simply stares off into space as if taking the music deep into his body and letting it relax and loosen his muscles. It is at these times I wonder what deep profound thoughts go through his head, if any.

Excuse me Rhett, I know you have a sensitive and gentle nature; one that is obviously affected deeply by music. This tendency has been present for years. When Nyssa was small, Rhett and his sister Scarlett sat with her as she practiced her piano. Scarlett was primarily interested in her long swinging ponytail or braid. You see, Nyssa cannot practice or play without moving with the music. Scarlett sat on the bench with her back to the piano and batted that braid of hair as it swung back and forth. Rhett, on the other hand sat in the large wing backed chair next to the bay window and listened, always staring at the piano and the keys. (Click "Read More" below)
Rhett: "This is my grandma. See how fast her fingers
move over the piano. What beautiful music she makes!"

"I love her. She lets me sit here and enjoy the music
and she lets me sit on her lap all day."

"A cat could not have a better life... music and laps.

Mr. Rhett will be showing off his grandma at the Carnival of the Cats this week. The carnival is being held at TBIFOC, the original carnival site.

Mr. Rhett knows how the Blogger switch has given his mom a major migraine today, so he asked if he and his grandma could go to Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina. I said "yes"!
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