Saturday, July 16, 2005

Broken Shells

Broken shell on the beach (Click to view larger image) Posted by Picasa
"There will be no broken shells on the beaches of heaven." ~ Georgia B. Settle
Most of the shells found on the public beaches in Virginia Beach are small or broken remnants of larger shells. The larger shell fragments may show the smoothing change of prolonged wave action as the shell is first lifted to shore by the breaker, then pulled back out to sea across the grainy sand by the retreating wave. This back and forth motion eventually polishes the shell like sandpaper in the master craftsman's hand smoothes and polishes fine wood for a tabletop.

In many ways we are broken shells; life may hand us broken dreams, broken hearts, broken relationships, and broken promises. Yet God, the Master of all craftsmen will, if we let Him, smooth all our sharp edges and polish our rough lives to be pleasing to His sight. We may not be able to fit all the pieces of our broken lives back together here on earth, but we will be whole, not broken in heaven.

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