Thursday, July 21, 2005

Here Lizard, Lizard!

Rhett (left) and Clover surveying the great outdoors.
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You can observe a lot just by watching. ~ Yogi Berra
Mr. Rhett and Miss Clover do not usually sit this close to each other. Mr. Rhett has a healthy regard for Miss Clover's teeth and even at age 12, her ability to strike a lightening quick bite to the head or neck. Today, however, she is tolerant.

It is early spring and the window is open, the warm light is streaming in, the smell of freshly mown grass is in the air and a light breeze slowly moves the lace curtains back and forth. The early bumblebees are feeding on roses just outside the window and the small little green and brown garden lizards, attracted by the warmth of the brick scurry along up and down the side of the house. My human ear doesn't hear their quiet, quick movements but the cat's ear does. As they watch and listen, ears and whiskers twitching, lightly chattering, do the little lizards know how close the cats are; or do they see that a mesh screen is all that keeps them from becoming a new trophy? Miss Clover will eventually lose interest and leave to curl with her sister and sleep. Mr. Rhett will relax, sitting quietly soaking up the sun and its warmth, no longer concerned with the bumblebee or the garden lizard or Miss Clover.

Be sure to visit all the other animals at Friday's Ark and don't forget the Carnival of the Cats, this Sunday hosted by The Oubliette.

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