Thursday, July 21, 2005

Our Mourning Doves

Mourning dove nesting in a fig tree. Papa or Momma??? Who knows? (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
And there my little doves did sit
With feathers softly brown
And glittering eyes that showed their right
To general Nature's deep delight.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "My Doves
Since both the mother and father "mourning dove" sit on the nest, it is difficult to tell who this is. The fig tree is about seven feet high with large dense leaves and many developing figs. The nest is built in a very secure place, at the central fork of the tree where four or five sturdy branches come off the main trunk and secure the nest. While only at eye-level the wide leaves hide the nesting bird and the figs will provide plenty of food later on. Below, we find two small eggs in the nest. They have been nesting for two weeks so babies are expected any day. These are such beautiful birds and their low mournful cooing early in the morning is very lovely and soothing.

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