Monday, July 25, 2005

A Robin's Tale

Day One of Bird-watching - 7/3/05. Posted by Picasa
The two baby robins look a bit like miniature plucked hens. Mom and Pop are taking turns bringing juicy grubs and other insects. The babies sleep but seem to know when the parents are near and open mouths wide. Mom & Pop are loudly protesting our proximity to the kids.

Day Four - 7/6/05
More feathers on the wings and back. The wings actually look like wings now. The nest is sturdy with twigs interlaced tightly and with dried mud between the twigs and lining the nest. The nest is in a magenta Crepe Myrtle bush (that is trying to be a tree) in the front yard. It is just above eye level but with the rotating lens head on my camera I can get it in my sights.

Day Six - 7/8/05
This fellow or girl has a lot of spunk. When the camera made the noise while focusing, He/she thought it was Mom with more food and lifted his neck and head into position to receive.

Day Six Continued - 7/8/05
After a good meal and some warm breezes, the babies snuggle down for a long rest.

Day Nine - 7/11/05
One little robin left all alone. His sibling had been perching on the edge of the nest in the Crepe Myrtle bush/tree and had unsuccessfully tried to do a graceful take off. He instead did a swan dive, flapping all the way to the ground. Not being a bright robin like this fellow, he then ran out into the street and under a truck. Parents were chirping loudly, but like most teenagers, he didn't listen. The neighbor was able to scoop him up and put him back in the relative safety of the nest. For a while he again kept to the nest and his warm nest mate. The following day both birds were gone. We do not have any marauding cats in the neighborhood so I am hoping they finally got the knack for flying and went on their way.

Papa robin keeping watch from nearby maple tree.
At least Papa Robin was no longer acting as sentry in the nearby maple tree. I hope you taught them well papa. Bye! Bye! Birdies!

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