Friday, December 29, 2006

Flowers Of Hope

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (Discovery Garden). August 2006.
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"Where flowers bloom so does hope." ~ Lady Bird Johnson,
Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom
I don't know the name of these flowers that bloomed in the Discovery area of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I wish I did. The milky white petals with a tinge of pink, spring to life against the background of deep, dark burgundy-violet leaves. This was one of my favorite pictures this year.... OK, one of my several hundred favorite. It is almost impossible to pick a favorite when every picture speaks a story and captures a memory; each different and precious.

For today, this moment, it is my favorite. Why? Another year has come and gone and instead of looking back at things not done, opportunities not taken or all those "what ifs" that plague us along the way, we should look forward into the new year. It is time to take on a fresh dose of hope; for as surely as the winter winds blow cold and damp, the spring comes with the promise of new life and these flowers will again bloom for all to enjoy.

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