Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Twist And Shout

Miss Maggie: Twist..... Posted by Picasa
"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape." ~ Unknown
Maggie is NOT my cat. She is the only cat here who does not belong to me. She belongs to my parents; I guess you could say she is my "sister" in a very loose sort of way. Maggie doesn't really like me; I suspect it is because I brought six cats into her life and they impose on her space, her food and the attention of her parents. She spends most of her day hidden away on a bed or under a chair or on a cushion; away from my crew. After they retire to the sunroom for the night, she perks up. It is then that she whines for her "daddy" to fix the food bowl and whines for all the lights to be turned off so "her royal highness" can sleep at the foot of her "mom's" bed.

On this rare occasion, she decided to play and show off for the camera; turning and twisting in different poses, she reminds me of someone in one of those strange model photo shoots. These words came to mind almost immediately....."Shake it up baby, now. Twist and shout!"

.....and Shout!!
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Maggie will show off her tummy for Tummy Tuesday at catstuff today. There is also a brand new place for kitties and their human charges to visit at gattina's called Cats on Tuesday. This is week two.

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