Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Than Annoying


Annoying beetle munching on fresh leaves.
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"If there are Japanese beetles on the raspberries, we will pick them off by hand." ~ Leslie Alexander
June bugs, beetles that stick around all summer and do their nasty work. Brilliant iridescent colors grace this eating machine as it munches and crunches its way through leaves from flowers, vegetables and trees. Nothing was immune this past summer; cucumber leaves, collards, even the wild gladiolas growing along the bank of the drainage ditch behind the house. Small insect, big problem, highly annoying!

The theme for Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt this week is "annoying". You can go here to "Grab the Scavenger Hunt code" and here to join the blogroll. The link to other participants is in my blogroll on the sidebar.

PS: In my previous entry Ambushed, my cat Willow looks very, very annoyed... with me! I guess I was the one being "annoying".

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