Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This is Nyssa at 8 months of age. I posted the picture black and white to at least be a little challenging. A Care Bear there on the left, and the bumper padding on the bed is more modern as well. I took this picture for our Christmas cards that year. She is sitting in her crib in Oklahoma City, surrounded by her stuffed teddy bears and her teddy mobile. This was Christmas, 1986.

The high kicking lass is yours truly at 3 months of age. I arrived a bit bigger than Nyssa but gave my mom fits getting here, just as Nyssa did. I was breech, refused to turn and being almost 9 pounds, had to be delivered by C-section after almost 36 hours of labor. Born in Indiana, I was not a Southern Belle at that time, which explains the unladylike display of my diaper. I of course did not take this picture as it was 1953.


This is my mother Lorane; Nyssa's grandmother. She is a true Southern Belle born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia. Here she is about 18 months old and appears to be bundled up for very cold weather. An only child but with many cousins, she worked as a secretary for a year before going to Asbury College in Kentucky to pursue her degree in education. She taught school for over 30 years in Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Her favorite grade? First Grade. She loves to get the little ones while they are still a clean slate, to get them started on their way to a lifetime of learning with a firm foundation and love for reading. Last year when she was in the short term nursing facility after a joint replacement, one of her physical therapists told her "Do you remember me, Mrs. Gould? I was one of your first graders at Portlock Elementary. You were always one of my favorite teachers." Isn't it nice to be able to see the results of your life's work?
(Can you see the family resemblance?)

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