Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update On "New Knee"

Surgery went well on Monday. Yesterday was difficult with the pain medication in the pump making Mom very woozy and disoriented and the first try at getting back on her feet very hard. Apparently the Dilaudid can cause itching, a red rash, hiccups and nausea. She had all of these so it was discontinued last night. After two tylenol (I'm sure there was codeine in there too) she was able to sleep. Her foot and leg is in a contraption that slowly raises and bends the knee to ideally a 90 degree angle. Today she is up to 80 degrees. With drains and some of the lines gone she felt much better and while I was there slept for two hours before supper and an hour afterwards. Dad & I have been taking tandem turns staying but she says she is sending him home tonight. Physical therapy went much better today. Only small moments of goofy exchanges. She does remember a few of the strange things she came up with yesterday but not all. She may transfer to the rehab facility tomorrow or Friday. Today was a much better day. Thanks to all for your continued thoughts and prayers. (end of post)


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