Sunday, September 04, 2005

Clumsy Chloe

Clumsy Chloe (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
Siamese cats actually have to think before they do something clumsy. ~ Unknown
This saying may be true, but I have no idea how Chloe managed to get her collar stuck on this hair brush. She is usually very prim and proper and wouldn't be caught dead with her front legs spread apart like this for a photo. She tried various means to rid herself of her new appendage, but this only resulted in a more tangled mess. In this photo she was on the verge of panic, possibly thinking of setting off on a running spree, so I had to intervene. She looks a little like a budding karaoke singer doesn't she?

Update (9/8/05): Click "read more" to see more pictures.

"Maybe I'll just start singing. Can someone help me?"

"I might get it off if I twist this way"

"This is sooooo embarrassing!"

Submission to Moody Monday for topic "clumsy".
Update (9/8/05): Be sure to visit all the kitties as well as other animals at Friday's Ark tomorrow and at Carnival of the Cats on Sunday, this week hosted by Blog d'Elisson.

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