Friday, September 30, 2005

I've Got A Secret

Miss Clover shares a secret with her sister, Miss Chloe.
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"A secret is not something unrevealed, but something told privately, in a whisper." ~ Marcel Pagnol quotes (French Writer, Producer and Film Director, 1895-1974)
These two can "almost" always be found together; sleeping in the bean bag chair, sitting in a window staring out into space, walking slowly through the den or curled up in various configurations on my bed. They wash each other, cuddle and only occasionally bite and spar. Here Clover seems to whisper a secret into her sisters ear and Chloe is either only mildly amused or simply bored, more interested in returning to her nap. They are twelve years old now and have never been apart for more than a couple of days. So similar yet so different.

There are many beautiful cats, dogs and other animals featured this week at Friday's Ark. Be sure to visit Music and Cats on Sunday evening for this weeks Carnival of the Cats. (end of post)

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