Monday, September 26, 2005

Family Weekend Report

First home game of the season for the William & Mary Tribe. Posted by Picasa
"The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity. ~ Unknown"
Last year I didn't get to attend Family Weekend at Sewanee. It was a twelve hour drive and the few hotel rooms anywhere close to campus were booked up months in advance. (I understand that parents book rooms for graduation four years in advance.) Now that Nyssa is in her "dream" school, I wanted to go.

Family Weekend had something for everyone including a golf tournament, the "bone marrowthon", games and face painting for the younger crowd, art museum tours, friends of the library book sale, picnics on the grounds, William & Mary Sings choir concert, concerts by various a cappella groups, lectures, panel discussions, study abroad fair, a Homer reading marathon and of course the "football game."

William & Mary played Liberty University. I had never been to a college football game. My alma mater was a very small school in Oklahoma. We had basketball fever but football wasn't more than intramural at that time. So this is my first. In contrast to the Sewanee evidence of alcohol anywhere. I love football, I understand football and know the rules. Nyssa says I should be a ref or sportscaster but I tend to get a tad excited. Unfortunately, I am not always the nicest person during a game I feel strongly about. I am the mother who tells her child, "If you are going to foul someone, do it right, take them out so they can't come back." I know, shame on me. Fortunately, I have a girl not a boy who plays football. (Although I have watched many girls basketball games where kicking, boxing and tackling were common and more time was spent on the floor diving for a ball than dribbling it.) Anyway, W&M played very well, even if one receiver illegally pushed off on a long reception and the referee missed the offensive pass interference call.

You miss a lot watching a game on TV. The crowd issues forth a collective groan whenever a pass is dropped and synchronized cheer when a first down is gained. How do they manage that? How can it seem like one jolly green and yellow giant be yelling "Ohhhhhhhh....Noooooooo!!!!!" instead of three thousand individual people? I thought it was great. My only complaint...the bleachers. No one has yet manufactured one that is comfortable for three hours. Anyone who could design a cushy bleacher would definitely make a fortune.

The result of the game is shown below.
The poor Liberty Flames went down in the same.

Final score: William & Mary 56 - Liberty University 0. Posted by Picasa

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