Monday, September 05, 2005

Nyssa's Birthday Memories: 3 Years Old

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Mickey Mouse cake - Nyssa's 3rd birthday Posted by Picasa
Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes. ~ Mickey Mouse
This was Nyssa's 3rd birthday cake. She had several little friends from her daycare, her cousin Andy and several adults including her aunt and uncle, grandpa, godparents and Rhonda, her sitter. She probably doesn't remember the party. We had it at our house and the kids played on the swings and ate a little lunch outside on her kids picnic table.

Yes, I made the cake and cookies. The cookies are scratch, the only good ones I know. The cake was BOX MIX, nothing added. It is hard to ruin a buttercream icing. I did decorate the cake and cookies but that is more art and not cooking.

Mickey cookies: almond flavored roll out cookies.

And guess who came to play with the kids at the party; Mickey himself! OK, he was a bit tall for a mouse but they loved him. I build the head with wire and papier-mache and then painted and put on several coats of clear sealer. And I made the Mickey costume. I thought he was quite realistic. "Mickey" could see the outside world through his mouth.

Nyssa's eyes were so big; the kids were jumping up and down clapping their hands and little voices yelled "Mickey, look here!"; it really was a great fun party. The man who played Mickey was a firefighter, husband of one of our lab managers. After the party I gave him the whole costume. The firemen in Oklahoma City do a lot of community service including visiting kids at recreation centers and children's hospitals. He was able to use it for these as well.

Look who came to the party!
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