Saturday, September 03, 2005

Scary Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider too close up and personal for me!!
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"I believe one of the hardest things you can do is conquer your fears, but if you have a goal, then it's your job to open up and let it be real no matter how scary it seems." ~ Anonymous
I don't like spiders. I'm not that afraid of them, but a lot of people are including Nyssa. As a zoology major in college, I know enough to identify the bad ones and to stay away from their favorite habitats and to wear protective clothing when working outside. This little spider is one of many who have spun their webs in the bushes of our yard. This web is somewhat cone-shaped with the spider hiding nestled down amid the branches of the bush. Vibration in the web from a passing fly or gnat can be felt by the spider. I tried it and this little fellow rushed out hoping to catch his dinner. What he found was a digital camera lens up close. This scared him more than he scared me and he scurried back down into his hiding place.

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