Thursday, September 22, 2005

Smooth Operator

Mr. Rhett and his compelling eyes, a smooth operator.
(Click picture for larger view)
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I purr and your blues fade away.
I snuggle close and a frown turns to a smile.
I play chase and your world fills with laughter.
And in return, all I ask, is two meals a day...
...and all your love.
~ Stuart and Linda Macfarlane
Mr. Rhett my faithful footwarmer every evening; my quiet and respectful dining partner at every meal; my champion athlete bringing me his football each day; my lady killer entrancing all women with his dreamy round eyes....don't worry. I'll always love you.

Mr. Rhett and his hypnotic eyes can be found at Friday's Ark and at the Carnival of the Cats this week hosted by (end of post)


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