Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too Late?

Signs posted in "family friendly" areas of Virginia Beach Posted by Picasa
"The man who is slipshod and thoughtless in his daily speech, whose vocabulary is a collection of anemic commonplaces, whose repetitions of phrases and extravagance of interjections act but as feeble disguises to his lack of ideas, will never be brilliant on an occasion when he longs to outshine the stars. Living at one's best is constant preparation for instant use."
~ William Jordan
Philosopher & writer
(from The Majesty of Calmness, p. 47-48)
These signs have been placed up and down the beach area, in and around malls and parks; anywhere families and children might be on outings together and where tourists might visit. I never saw one of these signs as a child, but those were different times. Adults were more careful to filter what they said in the presence of little ears. What happened? We became careless, thoughtless, little by little language deteriorated, we compromised on our values of what speech is acceptable and what isn't fit for human consumption. Now, we have rap lyrics that are no more than expletives strung together, comedians who think this language actually enhances their show, and children who curse at teachers and other adults. I think this sign was a good idea but a little late and perhaps put to better use if posted in our homes.

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