Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Updates: Mom & Max

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The harder you work, the luckier you get. ~ Gary Player
Update (Mom): My mom is spending 20 days in a nursing rehabilitation center here. She is doing well, although she says they work her from morning until night and then my dad and I come in and make her walk around the activities area again. Her staples came out yesterday and she got to take her first shower. That made her feel human again. Therapy isn't all day, but twice a day for about 45 minutes each time. It just seems like all day to her. She has some swelling in her leg but not serious. She had a long phone call from her opera star son today and a visit from her precious granddaughter last night. Dad and I were getting ready to go over this evening but she wanted to go to bed and told us to stay here. We are having rain from Tammy along with temperatures that are about 23 degrees warmer than Austin, Texas, so it was a really nasty night to be out anyway.

Update (Max): The vet called this morning with a path report on the ascites fluid. There is no evidence of infection and they did not see any malignant cells. This eases my mind only a little. I know that often malignant tumors do not shed cells into abdominal or pleural fluid. I'm not sure if the Lasix is working yet or not. He has been referred to a specialist in veterinary internal medicine and cardiology for an ultrasound of the abdomen next Tuesday. I'm sure he'll be really pleased. (much sarcasm) In the mean time, I gave him his Christmas presents early, just in case. He loves squeaky toys. One is polka dotted insect with legs that are curled up. When he bites on the body to hear the squeak, the legs fill with air and roll out. He tries to grab them but they roll up before he can get them in his mouth. He acts happy, doesn't seem to have pain and can breath ok right now. His tummy is just tight. So, he gets loved on a lot. His only real problem today was the rain. He hates rain. It makes him stay in his dog house, looking forlorn. I love Max.

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