Monday, October 10, 2005

Poetry Personified

Lauren M., a personality perfectly captured in poetry. Posted by Picasa
Lauren M.
She's so perfect:
Wears only the name brand clothes-
Short skirt, striped blouse,
High-heels and lipstick,
Incredibly popular for sixth grade.
She walks with grace and ease,
her hot pink leather purse attached permanently over her shoulder;
she slinks-
doesn't walk like us- the normal middle school girls
hopping, skipping, jumping, running,
No, no. Not her.
Head straight up, not a care in the world, she prances on tip-toe.
Her body twists at unnecessary angles;
She gazes innocently and flips her hair back with her painted nails
At the one boy who notices.
But to her dismay
His chubby finger points her down
And with a voice crackling with the forces of puberty
He screams out, "Look! It's Barbie!"
Merciless giggles come from all directions
My whole sixth grade class lost in amusement - —even I manage a soft laugh;
And just as tears glaze over her fearless cat-eyes
And her full bottom lip begins to tremble,
It comes to her,
That evil thought which fuels her arrogant stride.
She slowly composes herself,
Probing the crowds for someone to prey on.
And catching the fading smirk on my face
Glares at me, announces:
"You're just jealous!"
That's all she says.
Turns around and struts away,
Head and tail stuck straight up in the air,
One foot in front of the other,
And I am left fighting the urge to run
And push Lauren M.'s prissy sway
Into the mud.

by Nyssa
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