Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Nyssa & Teddy. Posted by Picasa
"Happiness is a warm puppy. ~ Charles Schulz ( as Lucy Van Pelt in Peanuts)
Snoopy was apparently one of eight puppies born at Daisy Hill puppy farm. Spike, his brother, is the most famous of his siblings, but Belle was the sister featured in a few of the comic strips. When Nyssa was seven, Snoopy and Belle were on one of the upswings in popularity that happens with comic strip characters. (Snoopy has always been one of my favorites)

This is Nyssa as Snoopy's sister Belle. Miss Piggy and Belle were the most difficult of the costumes to make but it was one of my favorites. That big head took a lot of polyfill stuffing. Nyssa worried a lot that year because it stayed so hot in Mississippi for so long. Temperatures were still in the 90's in early October. There would be no way she could wear this if the weather did not cooperate. Fortunately, a huge front went through right before Halloween and the temps plummeted into the 50's & 60's. I know that still sounds warm to those from the north but for Mississippi, that's cold. Of course, Teddy had to go in costume as well. Here he was the "Masked Crusader" always a popular choice.

Typically, parents with the pre-school age kids arrived at the door just before or right at dusk. The older kids trekked around the neighborhood later, so Nyssa could sit on the porch and talk to all the little ones before going out with her friend Lori and her mom. This year all the little ones loved her costume. Little voices telling Mom or Dad that Snoopy gave them candy. Too cute for words.

Belle is ready to dole out the candy. Posted by Picasa (end of post)

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