Sunday, October 30, 2005

October 31, 1950

Loren & Lorane, October 31, 1950 (Click picture for larger view)Posted by Picasa
"Look how my ring encompasseth thy finger, Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart; Wear both of them, for both of them are thine." ~ William Shakespeare (1564-1616) from King Richard III, Act I
Fifty-five (55) years ago, October 31, 1950, my mom received her diamond engagement ring. Dad had visited her home in Roanoke,Virginia the previous Christmas and asked her to marry him beneath the star on top of Mill Mountain. He asked her father for her hand. But Dad was a poor farm boy and he had to work for his tuition at college and to save for a ring. He graduated from Asbury College in June of 1950 and then started seminary there that fall. Mom was in her senior year at Asbury. This picture was taken that October night. The back of the picture reads:
The night I got my diamond. October 31, 1950, 6:30 PM, at Lee and Evelyn Jamison's apartment. Wilmore, Kentucky.
It was definitely love; she remembered the time as well as the date!!! They were married the following June and this year celebrated their 54th anniversary.

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