Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lady Willow: She Who Would Be Queen

Lady Wilhelmina Abigail of Brevard (She Would Rather Be Queen Willow)
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"My human thinks that I'm arrogant, selfish, lazy, and huffy. She's right and I have many other fine virtues too." ~ Pussykins (aka Helen Exley)
This is Willow's nose-in-the-air pose, her "cattitude". All cats believe they are superior to we lowly humans, Willow is just more open about her feelings. She will speak when spoken to, as long as it suits her fancy at the time; otherwise, she ignores any question or remark. Open a can of cat food, even the pouched food that you quietly tear open, and she is there within microseconds. And in this situation does she have a mouth on her. She "wowwwwws" and "yowwwws" in her feminine but very raspy voice and will not shut up. She may carry on for five minutes or until you give her some food; whichever comes first. If she is hungry and wants to snack at the dry food bowl, she will; if some other cat is already eating, she simply swats him/her with her paw and crowds on in. Her favorite pastime is tormenting Maggie by putting a wet red pipe cleaner in her food bowl. Maggie is a "sissy baby" and Willow preys on this for her own amusement.

Nyssa doesn't care too much for Willow, probably because she teased Scarlett so much while we lived in Mississippi. But, Nys, Willow now has Maggie so she leaves Scarlett alone and you know Maggie deserves what she gets at times. And Scarlett has lost a bit of her paunch and pear shape by eating her ice; in the process she has become more assertive, standing up for herself. So there really isn't a reason to dislike Willow. After all, it can be very lonely being queen.

The royal pose, surveying her kingdom.

Willow and friends will be visiting the other kitties and puppies and creatures at Friday's Ark. She also royally commands that subjects visit Carnival of the Cats, hosted this Sunday by Mind of Mog.

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