Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Friends

(L. to R.) Patrice, Nyssa & Margaret (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"The shortest distance between new friends is a smile." ~ Unknown
I used to make friends easily. Being preacher's kid will either make you become a true loner or foster one's ability to make new friends. It did the latter for me. The friends I made at college are still those I keep in touch with. And yet, over the years, with a marriage that went wrong, being a single mother, working full time in a stressful career; I changed. I tend to keep friendships more superficial with only a few true close friends. Right now, for me in my circumstance it is all right.

Nyssa, on the other hand, makes friends with ease. Even after a year at the "wrong" university, with only one or two true friends, surrounded by students with a superior stuck-up attitude and feeling miserable most of the time; she still has an open, honest and tender heart. She is still the little first grader who got out of the car at school one day, took the hand of a mildly autistic classmate aimlessly standing against the wall of the school,and walked him up the sidewalk into the building. She still has that helping heart.

Now, she is surrounded by down-to-earth students who, while serious about their studies; are friendly, open and right up her alley. These are two of her newest friends; Patrice, her roommate and Margaret #2. This Margaret is not her best friend who still lives in Mississippi, but who ever said she could only have "one" friend named Margaret? On this day we were all enjoying the college football game in Williamsburg; the home team won, we had great homemade lemonade, and it only rained once for a few minutes.

I admit I was worried about her making new friendships with the transfer and having to live in the off campus dorms. Well, that was a useless waste of energy. As usual, Nyssa doesn't seem to ever meet a person she doesn't like; alright, with ONE possible exception.

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