Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Three Foot Two, Eyes of Blue

My Little "Fapper" Posted by Picasa
Has Anybody Seen My Girl?
Three foot two, eyes of blue,
But oh! What those three feet could do,
Has anybody seen my girl?
Turned up nose, turned down hose,
Never had no other beaus
Has anybody seen my girl?
Now if you run into a three foot two,
Covered with fur,
Diamond rings and all those things,
Betcha' life it isn't her.
But could she love, could she woo?
Could she, could she, could she coo?
Has anybody seen my girl?
Nyssa was two and wanted to dress up for Halloween. Still in Oklahoma City we didn't trick or treat in the neighborhood but rather went to the little outlet mall down the street from the house. She walked around to all the stores, got a few pieces of candy in her bag and watched the costume contests. People stopped and asked her what she was dressed as and her reply? "I am a "FAPPER!!" She couldn't pronounce the "L" in Flapper. She had become a ham in three months, shedding her shy nature and taking on the outgoing personality she still has today. She would swing her fringe and twirl her feather boa and beads. At the Walmart photographer she sat in a little chair and crossed her legs, placed her hand on her knee and bounced that foot just like she had seen grown women do. My she was proud to be a "fapper".

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