Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!!!

Stephen: First week home from hospital, screaming.(1962) Posted by Picasa
"Little Johnny's new baby brother was crying and screaming up a storm. He asked his mom, "Where'd baby brother come from?" His mother replied, "Heaven, Johnny. He came from heaven." After listening to his baby brother's wailing for another few seconds Johnny shot back, "WOW! I can see why they threw him out". ~ Unknown
Nine years and nine days after I was born, my baby brother arrived. There was no way to know ahead of time if it was a boy or a girl. I saved all my allowance and bought my sibling-to-be one of those stretchy one piece sleepers. It was a red and white stripe in the newborn size. That way a boy or a girl could wear it. Mom was so big, Grandmother was sure she was having twins. She crocheted two of everything; blankets, booties, hats. Mom had a C-section, two weeks early because she was so very uncomfortable with all the kicking and she really, really was huge! I got to stay off of school and spend the morning playing checkers with my Great Uncle and Aunt. Dad called and said it was a boy, Stephen. My baby brother was here. Notice, I didn't say "little" brother; because he was never little. He arrived at 10lb 8oz, two weeks early. He was so long his feet squished up flat against the bassinet so his head could fit in. The red and white sleeper? Forget it! He was born between a 3mth and 6mth size. It wouldn't fit around him, wouldn't snap and was too short.
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Above he is three months old and his mouth is still open. He didn't eat formula very long. He had to have his baby cereal, two cups every morning as soon as he woke up. As soon as he could pull up, he would rattle and shake the crib and yell. Stop a while and listen and then start again. I had used the crib for two years and it was in great condition. After his tenure, the thing had to be dumped. Each morning Mom would find him sitting on top of the wadded up crib sheet (the form fitted sheet he removed from the mattress), with his sleeper and diaper removed. Just sitting there naked in the pile. Mom says that was always just lovely!

I must save a few sibling stories for later. We had eight years before I went to college to compile a whole book of them. And now we are all grown up, well at least most of the time. I wanted to put one of his new photos taken in Munich with his Wagner puppet doll but I'm not sure if that is allowed so this very cute shot of Nyssa and her favorite uncle will have to do. ("Wagner puppet doll" looks very strange in print, hmm!)

Anyway, today is his birthday! He is 44 years old or as I like to say, "He's celebrating the 14th anniversary of his 30th birthday. Speaking of 30th birthdays reminds me of his when I ..... Well, you'll just have to come back to check that out and if I don't post it soon enough to suit you, remind me in a note. And Stephen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and IT WOULDN'T HURT YOU TO LEAVE A PITHY COMMENT ONCE AND A WHILE!!!

If you would like to see where he is going to be performing, when and which opera you can visit his website here. He has pictures and excerpts of his operas and you can read it in English or in German. He will be performing in The Flying Dutchman at "The Met", but not until 2010.

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