Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crazy Cat Nut

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"Cat people are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists. How could they be with a cat running their lives?" - Louis J. Camuti, D.V.M.
I usually only blog about one or two cats at a time, but in reality we have six; seven if you count Maggie, but she belongs to my parents. There are a few bloggers out there who reside with even more than we do. Today I decided to do a review of our cats with links to some of their individual stories. So enjoy.

Mr. Rhett
Mr. Rhett is Mr. Personality, a real "Babe Magnet" , his story is here and his terrible encounter with the Old Navy attack bag is here. His current lady love (long distance) is Sophie, a lovely dark gray beauty.

Sir Nicholas Alexander (Nicky)
Nicky's story is here. He props and sleeps on his back and keeps Mom's feet warm. He is so shy. Of all our cats he is the most handsome. He and sister Willow are ragdolls.

Miss Clover
Big marble blue eyes, Clover also has a computer mind. Hard to believe but true. She is my opera star, singing loud and long in the bathroom. She loves to hide in boxes and under the covers. I wonder if she knows how different her eyes are?

Lady Wilhelmina Abigail (Willow)
Willow is the Queen of the clan. Nothing bothers her, she comes and goes as she wishes. She sleeps where she wants, eats when she wants and plays tricks on the others. She is a big fluffy mass of cat, completely laid back; plods along, never runs.

Miss Chloe
My proper Siamese with crossed eyes, all hairs in place and refined at all times. Right, in your dreams. She can go nuts and run amuck along with the best of them. She looks like an airhead but you won't hear any wind blowing through these ears.

Miss Scarlett
The one cat fight show, Scarlett is a snarly as her namesake yet easily intimidated. It is how she reacts to being teased that is so unique to her. Sometimes she personifies her famous namesake, just as Rhett does his.

This review will be heading to Friday's Ark but if they only take animals "two by two" someone's going to have to learn how to swim. There are always a lot of gorgeous cats at the Carnival of the Cats hosted this week by (UPDATE) TBIFOC.

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