Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sport: Basketball

Basketball (Macro shot) (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Cinderella goes to the ball, and takes it to the net! Girls rule the court!" ~ Basketball T-shirt
Basketball was Nyssa's sport in high school. She started playing in junior high but didn't get much court time. It took almost the whole season before she attempted and made a basket. But she loved the game. Then in ninth grade there were not enough players on the varsity team so the junior varsity girls played their game and then had to play the varsity game as well.

The girls always seemed to love the game more than the boys; they always played with passion. This could make for comic plays. One of the team members, (Leah) let a girl get past her with the ball. She ran down the court as fast as she could and just before the opponent made her shot, Leah literally launched herself in the air and tackled the girl; both of them falling to the floor. Of course she was charged with a foul but the girl didn't score and then missed the free throw. Sometimes it felt like the girls spent more time on the floor diving for the loose ball than they did dribbling and shooting. The guys? Oh, they were in to dunking and slashing and shooting 3-pointers, but let a ball roll across the floor and they stood there like statues watching it roll out of bounds. The boys played to impress each other; the girls played with heart to win as a team.

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