Friday, January 20, 2006

Pink Sunrise

Sunrise at the beach. (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"Slow buds the pink dawn like a rose
From out night's gray and cloudy sheath;
Softly and still it grows and grows,
Petal by petal, leaf by leaf."
~ Susan Coolidge
Sunsets may have a pink component but most are a blazing fire orange that fades to dark amethyst. The sunrise is more delicate. First just a hint of light with shades of blue and then a layer of pink just before the sun's disc appears on the horizon. Last summer Nyssa and I spent two hours on the beach watching the shades of pink develop, mature and deepen; then wane as the sun climbed higher in the sky. A memorable mother-daughter outing, one of the best.

Submission for Photo Friday topic "pink". (end of post)

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