Friday, January 27, 2006

Hide and Go Seek?

Scarlett: "There is that Willow. She bugs me! I'll hide here. Maybe I should jump her. No, she weighs a gazillion pounds and would crush my little pear body flat. I'll keep quiet. What was that flash? Oh, no! She's taking pictures again! Willow will find me! Stop it!"
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"Friendship between cats can exist, but more or less in the same way that it can exist for a not very sociable man who spends his time in provoking others, and who, when asked why he does not have any friends, replies: "I would like to have them - but they are so ignoble!" ~ Paul Leyhausen
So it goes between Miss Scarlett and Willow. Scarlett really dislikes Willow, avoids her if at all possible. Willow, on the other hand, annoys Scarlett; perhaps it is on purpose, perhaps not. She might just want to be friends, but I doubt it. Of course Scarlett is at least partially to blame; she has been so "Don't touch me" and "Don't even look at me" with Willow it has now become a game. How far can Willow push Scarlet, disturb her, get in her space before it happens; before the nuclear meltdown and the screeching, hissing, growling fit commences? Willow doesn't really know, but when it happens its truly entertaining and Scarlett usually has two or three cats watching her one kitty show. At least in this instance, Scarlett kept her cool and just hid in the cat tree. Willow became bored with the whole thing and left. Now Scarlett just looks annoyed with me pointing the camera at her. I think I'll go now, that look is a bit threatening.

Scarlett: "And just what are you looking at now?"

Ok, I'll go over to see the other animals at Friday's Ark and then Sunday I'll visit the Carnival of the Cats hosted this week by (UPDATE) TBIFOC. You can come too if you'd like, Scarlett.

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