Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Now We Wait

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"I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers." ~ Unknown
I went to the vet yesterday. Mom made me go potty before I went and I got to sit in the front seat of the van. I ran to the scale and sat down on it. I like to be helpful. Then I saw the doctor. He was nice, I guess. They took me to the back so they could look me over. I have a lot of little skin nodules. Mom is worried. They keep popping up, more and more. She found some more on my neck today. The vet put a very tiny needle in one of them and sucked some cells out. He made a slide and looked at it; then told Mom that he would send it to a veterinary pathologist. My mom could look at it too but she didn't want to. I think she is afraid to look because she would then know what it was. I heard her say she was worried about "mast cell tumors" and "cutaneous lymphoma". I don't know what those big words mean but she does and it makes her sad. If it is the lymphoma, there is chemotherapy like humans get but it is expensive and she knows it would hurt me and my heart is already damaged from the heartworms I had a long time before I found her. She is trying to hope for the best; that it is an allergic reaction or some other benign thing.

So, now we wait for the testing results. I got a shot of Benedryl in case it is the mast cell thing. It releases histamine that makes me itch. She is giving me the pills too. I like that because I get extra food. I also get to sleep in my big carrier with the kitties and I love to talk to them at night. That Clover is a real clown sometimes, sitting on top of the hot tub and singing. I hope things turn out OK so that Nyssa and my mom won't cry any more. But if it is bad, I know they will take care of me and love me and spoil me and when it is time they will let me go. I will make sure they know that I have had more love, joy, fun and adventure in the three years I have lived with them than in my entire life before we met.

Thanks for all the thoughts and kind words to my Nyssa and my mom and for me. They love me, and I love them.


PS: I always like to leave the vet a present in the hall. So I "pooed" three piles. I think I shocked my mom, since I also went before we left home. I love to embarrass her that way!
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