Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blowing Out Nine Candles

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"A heart that overflows may seek out merrymaking and boisterous festivities to quietly rejoice, unnoticed amidst the reveling crowds." ~ Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), Austrian author.
I counted nine candles on this cake. Sometimes we had big boisterous parties and sometimes they were small intimate get togethers in celebration of birthdays. This was one of the latter. With her birthday in April, Nyssa has always lamented that it was such a busy time of year with school ending and exams; and yet it wasn't warm enough to have a swimming party or the "EVER WONDERFUL" Slip 'N Slide party of those with summer birthdays. This particular year she decided to forego the big bash and wait for August. The Slip 'N Slide would still be open and her friends would be back in school; yes, we would party then. So just the small festivities at a neighbor's house.

We still have the doll, her My Twin, put away for future generations of little girls. I still have the dress, lovingly hand smocked, hand sewed and packed away in acid free storage for another little blonde curly headed girl to wear. The best friend moved on both literally and figuratively; and those glasses, oh my, what was mother thinking!

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