Monday, July 10, 2006

The Solo

Linz, Austria, painted by Stephen Gould
(Click picture for larger view and "Stephen Gould" for artist website. Be sure to turn your volume up.)
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"The act of painting is like a musician taking a solo on stage. My heart is captured by the spontaneity and the zest of improvisation." ~ Richard McDaniel
Painting by an artist of another sort; Stephen Gould, my brother. Stephen is an opera singer, Heldentenor and currently lives in Vienna. He painted this during his three year stay in Linz, a beautiful and provincial Austrian town that takes opera very seriously. Painting was a way to relax and explore other aspects of his talent. Now he has little time to paint, his freelance opera work taking him to Israel, Japan, Sicily, Florence, France, Vienna, Dresden, Munich and the Bayreuth Wagner Festival where he will be playing Siegfried in a new production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Anyone in Montreal next fall might check out his two performances with the symphony there. Yes, my baby brother, so talented.

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