Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Brooklyn

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"At all events there is in Brooklyn something that makes me feel at home." ~ Marianne Moore (1887-1972), U.S. poet. "A Carriage from Sweden" from The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore.
This small town girl has lived in the country, the 'burbs', and in towns that bill themselves as 'the big city'. The latter were basically overgrown suburbs, particularly in the case of Dallas. While I have visited New York City for a week, that was a VISIT, with a hotel room, restaurants, plays every night, museums every day, glamour and glitz. This time I'll stay in a home, cook here, walk to the local grocer, the bakery, the farmer's market. This time it's a neighborhood with a gorgeous park, ponds, bridges, gardens and roof top evenings watching impromptu fireworks displays. It's seeing the skyline of Manhattan in the distance from the apartment window; and that gaping hole where two towers once stood, a stark reminder. It's a doorman who helps with oversized bags and points me in the right direction, expecting nothing in return. It's Chinese take out from a restaurant that also does Mexican and American food; free delivery to your door. It's watching the sky light up with continuous streaks of lightening, hearing wave after wave of rolling thunder as the rain soaks everything on the streets below. It's walking down the street and fighting the urge to stop at every highrise and every brownstone to capture the details of architecture, the variations of color and that gorgeous green flowing ivy that fares so well here. It's the light, the sound and the people. It's Brooklyn and I'm here.

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