Friday, July 28, 2006

Brick And Mortar

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"Instead of saying that man is the creature of circumstance, it would be nearer the mark to say that man is the architect of circumstance. It is character which builds an existence out of circumstance. From the same materials one man builds palaces, another hovels; one warehouses, another villas; bricks and mortar are mortar and bricks until the architect can make them something else." ~ Thomas Carlyle
I love this entryway! The slightly peaked arch all in white and the front door and side panels with the small windows; the sheer curtain coverings for privacy and that big brass "15" to identify the house number. The brick is so evenly spaced in a uniform pattern and the rounded porch steps appeared to be marble. Windows on either side of the doorway have a contrasting squared off framing in contrast to the smooth curves of the arch; and what lush landscaping with topiary and decorative urns filled with small evergreen and flowers. Each side of the walkway boasts lush green bushes, ferns, hosta and small flower groupings dispersed throughout add touches of color. Ivy vines its way up the brick wall and over the doorway adding a feeling of age. This feels cool, refreshing and inviting like the doorway to an antebellum mansion in the deep South; what one would see at the end of a long curving drive and inside, a cold pitcher of lemonade is waiting.

Where is this relaxing and welcoming home? (Click "read more" below for the answer)

This is the full house. It does appear to be a single family dwelling with at least three floors. It is sandwiched between two highrise apartment buildings with at least seven or eight floors each; Brooklyn, bordering on Prospect Park. I was surprised to find this here, maybe in Manhattan but not here. Yet when we were on 5th Avenue by Central Park and 7th Avenue, the apartment buildings were larger, taller and more modern with none of the quaint old fashion design touches found here. The ivy winds itself to the top of the building and see the lovely balcony and the large bank of windows on the second floor. I think this home is absolutely beautiful and charming. I could live here!

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