Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Signs Of The Times

From the sublime to the ridiculous; ridiculous, yes, but practical.
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"Time is a circus--always packing up and moving away." ~ Unknown
Walking down Sterling Avenue in Brooklyn today I saw this variation of a U-Haul van; tip number twelve for making the moving experience successful was plastered on the side. Oh yes, the poor bird. I just had to pause and take a picture, especially for Vicki as her moving date is rapidly approaching. We haven't heard anything from her for over a week now as she is up to her eyebrows in last minute details. So here is hoping the moving experience is not too terrible. Personally, I've found that it is more and more stressful the older I get; and I know I have at least one more move ahead, just not sure when or where. Good luck Vicky, we are all thinking about you! And by the way, does anyone else wonder what the first eleven tips were?

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